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Senator Shaheen Discusses Scams Against Vulnerable NH Citizens

Check out this informative webinar with Senator Shaheen. The webinar, moderated by Todd Fahey of AARP-NH, included representatives from the NH Attorney General’s Office, FTC, IRS, and the U.S. Postal Inspector.

There are people who are perpetrating fraud and scams against people who have just lost their jobs, are dealing with health concerns, and are already in a vulnerable state of mind.

Experts joined in on the discussion to share methods to avoid being scammed. What the latest scams are to be aware of.

  • Colleen Tesler, Senior Project Manager with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Brandon Gerod, Senior Assistant Attorney General, NH Dept of Justice
  • Kevin McHeehan, District Liaison of the IRS
  • Brian Evans, Inspector of the US Postal Service
  • Todd Fahey, Director of NH AARP

Very informative and eye-opening information that we thought was shareworthy.

Millions of people are scammed out of billions of dollars every year in the United States. Discover scams for final notices on home or automobile companies, how to deal with robocalls, and more.

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The mission at FAST is to increase public awareness of financial exploitation with the goal of mitigating risk of exploitation and protecting our state’s vulnerable populations.