Social Security card and money
Avoid this Social Security Scam

Watch Out for THIS Social Security Scam

Scam tries to suspend your number

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There is a letter in the mail going around saying your Social Security number is being suspended.

This message claims to be from the Social Security Administration.

The message claims that “due to fraudulent activities, your Social Security number will be suspended in the next 24 hours.”

The letter claims the reason is because of criminal activities going on in the state of Texas in your name. It goes on to state that your Social Security number is involved in a $14 million fraud.

Fake Social Security letter: Warning signs

Before you panic and call the fake phone number in the message, notice a few big warning signs of this scam.

The date on the letter is in the European date format: date first, then month and then the year.

Also, the message is not addressed to anyone by name.

The biggest lie of all, your Social Security number cannot be suspended.

Any call, text or email claiming to be from the Social Security Administration is a scam.

The Social Security Administration will communicate with you through the mail with a letter.


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