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New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office warns to be on the lookout for scams related to Maui wildfire relief

Officials say to be wary of people who try to get funds in form of crypto, cash, gift cards

NH AG’s Office warns of scams related to Maui wildfire relief ( Grace Finerman 8/14/23


Many Granite Staters are trying to do what they can to help those impacted by the wildfires in Maui from thousands of miles away, but the attorney general’s office is warning to be on the lookout for scams related to the relief. The wildfires are leaving a trail of death and destruction as Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Deanne Criswell tours the state with state and local officials.

“True resilience of a community that comes together and how that bond will help them rise up from this horrible tragedy,” Criswell said. She said FEMA will be there to help until they’re not needed.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Bryan Townsend II said people must be cautious to make sure they don’t fall victim to a fake charity. “Unfortunately, there are people out there that are willing to and have the opportunity to take advantage of the public’s generosity. It happens during just about every natural disaster that we have in this country,” Townsend II said. “And unfortunately, people will fall victim to it.” Townsend said there are some red flags.

“People should look out for random phone calls, random messages through social media, random emails soliciting donations,” Townsend said.

He said to be wary of people who try to get funds in the form of crypto, cash, or gift cards or who use pressure tactics, demanding money right away.

If anyone thinks they’ve been scammed, Townsend said, contact your local police department and the New Hampshire Consumer Protection Bureau.

If you’re interested in donating, Townsend recommends visiting reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau to look at a list of approved charities.

WMUR is teaming up with the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Hawaii. You can find more information at this link.

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