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Mail Theft Leads to Check Fraud

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In 2021 there were 33,000 reports of incidents regarding mail carrier robberies and mail carrier theft. This is up from 24,000 reported in 2019. Thieves are looking for personal checks that can be written to anyone in any amount.

The simplest way for thieves to find checks were to look for mailboxes with raised flags as it often means bill payments, with personal checks included. Another way is for criminals to steal a master key that will open a blue mailbox outside postal offices or on the streets.

One they have access to the checks, they can fill out to another recipient in any amount they wish. To protect yourself, deposit any mail containing checks, cash or extensive information – AS CLOSE to the scheduled pick up time as possible. Or, better yet – bring them directly into the post office.

Be a fraud fighter and stay vigilant of this any other scams!


The mission at FAST is to increase public awareness of financial exploitation with the goal of mitigating risk of exploitation and protecting our state’s vulnerable populations.

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