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How to stay connected while intentionally isolated.

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are required to be less social in order to avoid infecting themselves and others with the virus. Although the implementation of “physical distancing” – avoiding close contact with other individuals in order to avoid catching the virus yourself and passing it along – is necessary to prevent the current pandemic from worsening, the collapse in social contact is going to negatively affect those populations most vulnerable to isolation and loneliness.

The Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness is monitoring the situation closely and has put together a compilation of resources on the physical, behavioral, and mental health effects of physical distancing and how to stay connected with others while intentionally isolating oneself. We are updating the list of resources daily, so please check back often and follow us on Twitter for more information.


  1. The Ad Council: Loneliness, Isolation, and Human Touch
  2. The AARP Foundation and United Health Foundation: The Pandemic Effect: A Social Isolation Report
  3. The Global Wellness Institute: Human Connection in a Time of Physical Distancing


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